Edward P Muszala


The world, through its constantly changing atmosphere of wind, light and color is a gift of such incredible variety and grandeur. Truly sublime. Awe inspiring.

Painting, to me, is a quest to express feelings created by my view of nature's interaction of air and light.

Selected Study:
-Mostly self-taught with a number of courses along the way.
-Fabrica Aurora, San Miguel Allende, Rae Miller (2015)
-Washington Art Association-Edward DeVoe (2013-2014)
-Art Students League of NY - Frank Porcu (1997)
-American Folk Art Museum - Rubens Teles (1995)

Selected Galleries and Exhibitions:
-Minor Memorial Library, Roxbury, CT (Jun-Jul 2024)
-Gunn Memorial Library, Washington, CT (Apr-May 2024) Solo
-Judy Black Memorial Park and Gardens (Dec 2023) Solo
-Washington Art Association, CT (Jan-Feb 2023)
-Burnham Library, Bridgewater, CT (Dec 2022)
-Minor Memorial Library, Roxbury, CT (Sep-Oct 2021)
-Burnham Library, Bridgewater, CT (Sep-Oct 2021) Solo
-Minor Memorial Library, Roxbury, CT (May-Jun 2019) Solo
-Byrde + the b, Washington Depot, CT (Jun-Jul 2018) Solo
-Marty's Cafe, Washington Depot, CT (Apr 2017) Solo
-Burnham Library, Bridgewater, CT (Oct-Nov 2016) Solo
-The Good Gallery, Kent, CT (Dec 2015)
-The Kitchen Table, Pound Ridge, NY (Jul-Oct 2015) Solo
-The Good Gallery, Kent, CT (Jun-Jul 2015) Solo
-Marty's Cafe, Washington Depot, CT (Apr-May 2015) Solo
-Gallery 25, New Milford, CT (Nov 2014-Jan 2015)
-Gallery 25, New Milford, CT (Jun-Sep 2014) Juried
-Washington Art Association, CT (Feb 2014) Juried
-Burnham Library, Bridgewater, CT (Oct-Nov 2013) Solo
-Washington Art Association, CT (Oct 2013)
-Nantucket Looms, Nantucket, MA (2000-Present)
-Frank J. Miele Gallery, New York, NY (1994)
-Gene Reed Gallery, Nyack, NY (1994)
-Burnham Library, Bridgewater, CT (1993) Solo
-Pelham Art Center, Pelham, NY (1982)
-Equator Gallery, New York, NY (1981) Solo

Various private collections.